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Island: Zuhause am Polarkreis (Pascal Frai)
Mit einem Kapitel über Claus Sterneck in Island :-)
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Links and more

Djúpavík Hotel
Maps: Here is Djúpavík
Djúpavík Hótel (incl. many informations about the place):

Some travel agencies which offer travels to Iceland and overnightings in Djúpavík are listed here (in german).

Current weather observations near Gjögur (20 km far from Djúpavik)
Current road conditions (important in winter) in the westfjords
Weather forecasts Iceland on the page of the Icelandic Met office
Weather forecasts for Djúpavík

News and several informations
Strandir Area (Icelandic):
Iceland Review IR - News about Iceland:
Some webcams showing the current Iceland
Icelandic phone book:
Currency Converter: Dollar (Euro, ...) <-> Iceland Krona
Network of people of different nationalities, who do not intend to stand by passively and watch the Icelandic government in league with foreign corporations slowly kill the natural beauty of Iceland: Saving Iceland -

Sigur Rós
Official homepage - tour diary (in Djúpavík) - Heima trailer (its great - view it, please), and the movie homepage

A wonderful moivie directed by Stefan Erdmann. New and different views on Icleand... A must-see:

Private homepages
Blog written by Iceland enthusiast mánaljós - main topic is outdoor activities:
A nice Iceland-Blog by Marco Asbach: (german)
Island - Photography and texts by Tina Bauer (Germany) on and (german and english)
Iceland Photography from Switzerland by Markus Bissig:
Island - viewed from Jean-Cedric and Delphine (French):
Iceland Eyes - Notes from Reykjavík (Maria Roff):
Verena was in the westfjords, too. her funny travel report (german): A trip to the Westfjords
Christian talks from Island: Read his words (german) and see his pictures

William R. Short is researching Viking age weapons and will be publishing a book titled "Viking Weapons and Combat Techniques" in 2009. Some of this research is on the website, and photographs of his visits to Iceland are here.

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